April 29th, 1992. 7:37pm. South Central LA. Laying in a pool of his own blood, a naked and badly beaten Fidel Lopez is being doused with gasoline. An unknown pastor springs to action, saving the life of this total stranger from the hands of an angry mob. When it’s discovered that his courageous act was captured on tape, Pastor Bennie Newton is instantly branded a hero, and received letters of commendation from Oprah to President Bush.​

What the public NEVER knew — to this very day — is that Pastor Bennie had been Pastor for less than a year. But for the 25 years prior, this Angel of Florence and Normandie was in fact, the Pimp and Coke Devil of South Central. This is the never before told — yet unbelievably true — story of the rise, fall, and rise again of Pastor Bennie Newton. ​

Produced by M2M.Entertainment

Written by Kevin Bernhardt.​