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“One of the most enigmatic films I’ve ever seen.”  

— Steven Spielberg

The 1980 British short film that was shown before the theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back. It was the directorial debut of Oscar-Winning Art Director of Star Wars, Roger Christian.

BLACK ANGEL is an epic drama following a knight, Sir Maddox’s perilous journey to return to safety the most sacred relic left behind by the Gods, that granted them immortality.

Sir Maddox, the legendary commander of the army protecting the Amber city, has to go against his code of honour and leave to carry the ancient relic home. A journey fraught with danger as only Atholynge City remains free from the Black Angel’s conquering troops.

Written & Directed By:  Roger Christian
Produced by Ritu Sharda, Fred Challa and Lina Dhingra