Hand-selected by Hitler’s National Socialist party to inspire Axis powers, American born heiress Beatrice Dohme rose to become the premier violinist in all of Europe.   
But as Beatrice witnesses to the rising atrocities of the Nazi party, she resolves to find a way to use her intimate access to German leadership to help stop the Nazi war machine.  Drawing from her unique understanding of a little known musical code (called Solresol), Beatrice risks her life to begin passing messages to the Allied powers the way only she can:  through her violin. 
As her wealthy pharmaceutical family gets pulled into the fray, an even larger conspiracy becomes exposed, leaving Beatrice with an impossible decision to make — one that ends up affecting the very outcome of World War II. 
This the never-before-told true story of one of the unsung female heroes of WWII, Beatrice “Bee” Dohme…heiress to the Sharp & Dohme fortune.

Written by Kevin Bernhardt