Randy Diaz has two interests in life; science and comic books. He’s the family genius and excels at school where he’s unpopular because of his braininess. His only escape is into the world of his comic book collection. Randy’s secret dream is to become a superhero. But where most of us were happy draping a towel around our neck and running around shouting “Up, up and away!”, Randy’s got the smarts to try and make his fantasy become reality. One night Randy has gathered what he believes are the proper chemicals and has set the lightning rods atop the house just right as a major storm front approaches. At exactly the wrong moment his older teen-sister Cecilia enters his room to call him down to dinner. Wham! The lightning strikes the room and the chemicals vaporize and coalesce just as Randy’s computer models predicted. A new superhero is born.​

Produced by M2M Entertainment​