Private investigator Frank De Nardo has walked the meanest city streets, but this case is plunging him into a nightmare–into the savage, shocking heart of the international sexual underworld. The hunt for ten-year-old Valerie Sommers– daughter of socialite Michelle Sommers–leads from New York to Naples to Amsterdam’s glittering red light district, where any fantasy can come true.​

For a price. De Nardo has Family connections, the kind that reach where the police don’t go, but he’s mixing it up with a murderous network of power and influence even the Family can’t touch. Walking straight into a deathtrap, he tracks the kidnappers to the small Spanish island of Ibiza. Under the searing. Mediterranean sun, he’ll risk everything to find the girl–and blast her kidnappers back to hell.

Produced & Written by Joe Pesci & Jai Stefan