During the peak of the Turkish Armenian conflict in Turkey regarding the alleged genocide, Hrant Dink worked for peace – as editor-in-chief of the bilingual newspaper Agos.​

A young and impressionable CIA agent sent to investigate bombings which threaten American interests there – finds activity around the beloved Dink. It seems the peaceful reconciliation which Dink suggests is not on the agenda for the moneyed military powers behind the government – the ‘Deep State.’ The Deep State have a coup d’Etat planned to bring yet another police state to Turkey, and decide the perfect way to bring chaos – is the assassination of the closest thing Turkey has to Gandhi – Hrant Dink.​

The young CIA Agent knows the right thing to do, but he quickly learns that his Agency may prefer to deal with the new government that will come under the assassins – instead of the Muslims now controlling the country. It is baptism by fire, for the Agent – as he must watch the sacrifice of the man known as The Dove.

This is a true story.​

Produced by M2M Entertainment and Colin Bates

Written By Kevin Bernhardt​