U.S. DEPUTY MARSHAL JACK AVERY, hard-nosed, by the book and married to his work, is great at catching ‘runners,’ but his people skills aren’t the best. As punishment, Jack must escort… KEVIN, a street-wise, career criminal, fast talker, who keeps breaking the law, even though he is already in WITSEC (better known as WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM). Jack is furious and Kevin loves to push his buttons as they drive to a small town in Arizona for Kevin’s new life.​

Unbeknownst to them, a TEAM OF HIGHLY TRAINED MILITARY MEN – led by Trasker, are breaking into the Los Angeles field office of the U.S. MARSHALS. Their goal is simple, find the entire list 10,000 people currently in Witness Protection. They succeed and upload the list onto the Dark Web. This sends the Marshals into a total panic… because now they must bring in 10,000 people or risk them being exposed to the very people they testified against. But Trasker’s ultimate goal for stealing the list is much more focused… he wants Kevin. And only Kevin.​

Produced by M2M Entertainment and Kevin Bernhardt

Written and directed by Scott Windhauser​