Young Jackie

Jackie Chan’s character of Wong Fei-Hung in the celebrated ‘Drunken Master’ lives on in our animation series. His only real friend is a young boy who attends the China Drama Academy (a Peking Opera school). The eleven year old sings and does martial arts, as one of the “Seven Little Fortunes”. This boy is also – yes, Jackie Chan.​

Wong Fei-Hung has witnessed a problem in town, and the police want to talk to him. Leading the chase is Chan Ka Kui, his character in Police Story – or Inspector Chan Ka Kui from SUPERCOP. Both these Chans are serious about their job and need the drunken master as a witness against some bad guys.​

Young Jackie tries to talk sense to the drunken Wong Fei-Hung, but he resists getting involved. Wong saw Steelhead of The Shinjuku Incident and Armour of God’s Asian Hawk (two Jackie characters working together) – do something ‘questionable’ – but he knows that they were only doing it for the right reasons – and wants to find out for himself first! Young Jackie helps. ​

Produced by M2M Entertainment and Carrie Wang​